• Who is that Fish behind the curtain?

    Rion "FishShapes" Fish

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    The circus has come to town!

    Step right up!

    Here we have a multidisciplinary goof, schooled in improv theater, clown, and storytelling, with a mighty fancy Master of Fine Arts. In addition to education, Fish is out dancing about with the Ministry of Flow in the Bay Area. That daring Fish has rocked out with the Noisician Coalition of New Orleans for the best part of a decade. Fish cut their wee circus-teeth with the Chicken Wing Sideshow down in Louisiana, then magically woke up with a funny hat and clown makeup on. Them rubber chickens came later.

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    Come on out and see the show!

    Get your tickets here!

    Fish specializes in an astounding circus act called buugeng; two twirlin' swirls used to create shapes and illusions. Blended together, these bendy blades baffle with silly clowning and balloon animals. Fish loves to play and show off hoops, sticks, and other props; so much fun and so little time! Rion is also skilled in LED and fire performances-- you ever seen anything like that, folks?

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    For a limited time only!

    Everyone's a winner!

    In addition to performing, Fish also produces events. Rion is a Producer and Director of The Flow Show San Francisco, as well as the Director of the FireDrums Showcase. Fish sits on the board for Flow Arts Institute, producing skillshare events around the country. Fish is also a photographer and videographer, producing media for Flowtoys, 7 Fingers Circus, and other performers. With rare spare time, Rion also admins several Flow Art related groups, including the buugeng knowledge group "Buugeng and S Staff Lab."

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