• Class Descriptions

    Buugeng 101: Join the Geng.

    Students will be taken through a foundations course in buugeng movement. Course briefly covers history of the prop, the three primary manipulation techniques, grip, buugeng-specific tech terminology, as well as simple tricks to get started. Class also offers remedial attention for students locked into only one of the main manipulation techniques.

    Buugeng 102: More Bang for your Geng

    Students pick up from 101 with buugeng movement in the Zaobab school of thought. Class challenges the student with six of the classical forms, as well as tricks to help remember the Japanese names for the forms. Class structure is rigid, with a focus on instructor-led motion.

    Buugeng 201: My Buu Thang
    An expanded look at linking motions to help transition from trick to trick. Class begins with buugeng theory that aids in transitions in the same plane. Second we go over movements more commonly associated with double staff, but particularly useful for buugeng. Finally, we will look at how atomic/3D movement helps to transition between planes.

    Buugeng 202: Electric Buugaloo
    Have been a little buu-curious about contact? Want to throw your expensive props? Here’s your chance! Class focuses on a newer school of thought in buugeng movement. Students will adapt the mechanics of tosses into on body transitions, isolation illusions, as well as lesser-used manipulation techniques that aid in this style.

    Buugeng 203: Consensual Tentacle
    Bring a partner and get ready to experiment with weird shapes and endless hook tosses! Class goes over clockwork techniques, mirroring, as well as mandala patterns. Class is instructor-led for the first half, and then class takes a lab approach at the end to encourage experimentation with contact improvisation.

    Buugeng 204: Buugenglians
    A class rooted in playful group experimentation with this prop, or with any prop. Class begins with more ideas on how to work with isolation concepts in outside-the-box ways. With these new tech skills, class then explores character exercises and prop drills. This class is designed to help you break out of the mold and start moving your body with your prop.

    Buugeng 205: Buu-Choos & Reel Deals:
    One of the most versatile movements in buugeng, the humble reel offers dozens of subtle variations and transitions. If you are looking for ways to start body tracing, reels build the necessary skills. Developing continuous motions and transitions, the choo-choo (buu-choo) is an extends the possibilities of reels moving into three dimensional space.

    Buugeng 206: Hitherto Tabuu
    In the buuginning, there were flat shapes, and they were goo. Slowly we grew, and yearned for what that new-new do. Here we eschew the flat, break through, and pursue the forbidden third dimension of buu. Renew thyself, buugengster.

    Buugeng 207: Peekabuu (FUTURE)
    IN DEVELOPMENT. Isolation and illusion class.

    Buugeng 301: Gengstars Paradise

    Students will be taken on a review of advanced buugeng theory and practices. Class will illustrate and learn movements from each of major schools of thought (contact, isolation, balance, partner, and 3D). This workshop takes a more round-table approach than the others, in order to encourage playful experimentation with others in the class, to adapt VTG frameworks, and to help the student focus in on ideas that foster their growth.

    Buugeng 302: Give the Devil his Buu (FUTURE)
    IN DEVELOPMENT. Motion frameworks and adaptation for Buugeng. Get ready to bite off more than you can chew.

    Storytelling for Movement Artists 101: Character

    An intro to story dynamics couched in Aristotelian thought. The class specifically focuses on character. Time is divided between a short theory portion to help understand and define a plot and a practical framework for physicality taken from mime, which students then can play with in class games. Class takes a lab approach, with students encouraged to give other students feedback and direction.

    Storytelling for Movement Artists 102: Plot
    An intro to story dynamics couched in Aristotelian thought. The class specifically focuses on creating a story plot. What makes a plot? What makes an idea communicable to an audience without dialogue? Ideas are communicated in a theory portion at the beginning of class, and then reinforced through class games. Class takes a lab approach, with students encouraged to give other students feedback and direction.

    Levers Game:
    Do you ever wish that you had a framework for starting to dance or play with another person? A guided partner game to help build rapport and explore novel movement. As constraints are added to movement, the players seek new ways to just keep it going.

    Flowgnosis: Unlocking Ecstatic Movement
    Do you feel stuck in your flow? This guided movement meditation seeks to connect you with a sense of something bigger. Step outside judgement and dance your way through the rest of your day. Come prepared to dance for the length of the class!

    Facing Stagefright:
    If being in front of an audience frightens you-- this is the class for you. Through in-class exercises, students experience a safe environment to build confidence without sacrificing vulnerability. Additionally we will experiment with developing a personalized routine to prepare for being on a stage.


    Play Well With Others (cotaught w/ Dresden Blue):

    Is your partner tech not feeling so fresh? This class innovates through a variety of clowning and contact improv games, designed to help break you out of your boxes. Come prepared to get weird, as we explore novel ways to manipulate props and your friends!